Icheb’s House Party International

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Manu Intiraymi wants to come and meet you to have some good times, and thank you personally for supporting the project. Let’s spend a night and throw a party! Invite the neighbors because this is going to be a blast. Whatever you want to do. Let’s stay in and have a quiet dinner party, or let’s go out for a wild night on the town! Let’s in invite 60 serious D&D players and go all night: sing some karaoke, do some stand up, play some music, video games, capture the flag, table top games, let’s all go sky diving or cheese tasting. He’ll bring a house warming gift as a good guest should. Who wants to party? You do.

And you’ll get your very own “CO-PRODUCER” credit on IMDb and the end credits.


  • Blu-ray Special Edition
  • Digital Club Membership Card
  • Digital World Premiere
  • Digital Download
  • The Circuit Official Poster
  • THREE Signed 8″x10″ Glossy Photos
  • Co-Producer Credit

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