Thank you for contributing your story to The Circuit!

Rule #1 is to have fun and enjoy writing your story! Feel free to use any actor listed on our web page as a character in your story. The actors are excited to play parts that you write!

But there are always rules to follow. Please be sure to read through them before submitting!

  • Be creative and have fun with your characters and where they go. All genres are open to your creativity.
  • DO NOT use existing copyrighted entities! While you can have Walter Koenig play any character you can think up, he cannot be Chekov, and he cannot be in the Star Trek Universe.
  • Submissions are accepted through our online form below only
  • All submissions must be as a PDF file. We will accept short stories or screenplays, we have a team of professionals to adapt to a screenplay if you are selected. But some of the fun is actually writing a movie script. So here is a link to free screenwriting software!
  • Submissions MUST include a 1 paragraph synopsis. It can be at the beginning of your story, or as a seperate document. PDF files only, please.
  • Since this is an Anthology film, submissions over 20 pages long will not be considered. It’s an Anthology film, so we need to fit a bunch of stories into one movie.
  • Please read The Circuit disclaimer to verify your submission meets our guidelines.

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