10 Sci-fi Stories, 10 sub-genres, 1 Location.

Series 1: Urbiessa

"The Circuit" is like "Black Mirror" or "The Twilight Zone" except each seemingly unrelated episode is a piece of a deeper story line.
Each episode takes place in the enormous city of 'Urbiessa', a cross between "Metropolis" and "Gotham" and will concentrate on a specific sub-genre such as Sci-Fi Action, Sci-fi Mystery, etc... These stories are in the capable hands of 10 amazing directors, a group of talented star actors, a professional crew and of course the incredible FANS that will collaborate and work side by side to energize each story. Please help us finance the very first episode of "The Circuit" anthology by visiting our shop or making a donation. Help us make an incredible episode and maybe more! It's up to you!
The Circuit Episode 1 Will now be released as a feature film scheduled to shoot in spring 2020. After a successful effort on Kickstarter writer David Henry Martin pitched his idea for episode one to our Executive Producer Manu Intiraymi. David’s concept matched up with Manu’s in several Ways that were pertinent to the success of the project. First, episode one would be a feature length screenplay and have enough characters for several of our exciting cast members to be involved, and it was marketable enough to sell the film to investors and distributors.

After a full year of rewrites and a lot of hard work, The Circuit is ready for production. The audience and fans will be introduced to “The Circuit: Urbiessa” through a complex, time travel comedy worthy of its place on the big screen.

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