Vincent van Hinte

Vincent van Hinte was born and raised in the Netherlands where he got his college degree in International media and entertainment management. While in school he went to Flagstaff to participate in a 4 week television production workshop. Next to this he produced and directed several music videos and educational clips while in college. After graduating he worked for a television production company called Eyeworks which is a global company based in Amsterdam. Here he assisted in creating content for national T.V. shows and acted as the field producer on several of their shows. In 2008 he decided to move to the U.S where he began working in Phoenix for VAS communications. His position at this company was Medical Producer which entailed shooting surgeries, setting up meetings with various different people in and around the hospital, delivering final products and various miscellaneous tasks in insuring quality. Some of the videos and presentations made by Vincent have won awards at international Health seminars all over the world.
In 2010 Vincent moved to Los Angeles where he got into the movie industry. He has worked on various movies in positions like: Location manager, 2nd AD, and Producer. He started teaming up with Timothy Gagliardo in 2011 and has been working side by side with Timothy since then.